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Jorjin J7EF Plus AR Smart Glasses Wins 2021 Computex Best Choice Award- Golden Award

Jorjin’s “J7EF Plus AR Smart Glasses”participated in the selection of the COMPUTEX official award “2021 Best Choice Award” and wins the “Golden Award” in the “XR Application” category! Jorjin’s J7EF Plus AR Smart Glasses is portable wearable device that connects to Android smartphone via USB Type-C. It uses the new Si-OLED micro-projection technology to present

JORJIN AR Smart Glasses J7EF Plus win 2021 COMPUTEX d&i awards!

COMPUTEX d&i awards have become the leading global ICT design and innovation competition. This year, the judges including global telecommunications industry experts, internationally renowned investors, accelerators and professional media representatives based on the judging criteria, which are Innovation, Technical, Functionality, Social, and Craftsmanship & aesthetics to select the most innovative 50 products of the year.

Taiwan Primier , Su Tseng-Chang, praised JORJIN for the J-Reality AR Glasses to Prevent COVID19 Pandemic

J-Reality can point a person running a fever within a 5-meter radius with AR + NIR technologies. And it can record the body temperatures of more than 100 people in less than 3 minutes. Taiwan Premier SU Praise JORJIN Chairnan Tom JORJIN NEW AR Glasses, J7EF Taiwan COVD19 Statistics new J7EF AR Glasses for COVID

JORJIN Global Showrooms of J-Reality AR Glasses Grand Opening Worldwide

Taiwan Jorjin announced Global Showrooms Grand Opening in US San Leandro, Belgium Gent, UAE Dubai & Abu Dhbai, Taiwan Taipei, and China Shanghai. Taipei Shih / Taipei Hsien, Nov 1, 2020 ( ) – JORJIN AR Glasses Showroom GrandOpening in 5 Countries Globally.Jorjin Technologies announcing Global Showroom in Belgium Gent, UAE Dubai & d Abu

Jorjin Technologies announcing new AR glasses, J-Reality

5G AR Industrial Inepection Application, 3D AR Culture Innovation Show Application JORJIN AR Glass J7E COVID19 Industry Application 3D VR Culture < > Taipei Shih / Taipei Hsien, Oct 29, 2020 (  – JORJIN J-Reality, AR Glasses ApplicationJorjin Technologies announcing J7EF, the latest of its J-Reality™ smartglasses series and world-first AR product built upon Epson’s new

JORJIN and Sensolus Unveiled SigFox GPS Tracker

Jorjin Technologies and Sensolus announcing SigFox GPS Tracker on Oct 12 Live on YouTube : Jorjin and Sensolus unveiled new Asset Tracker operates in all Sigfox regions (worldwide).  It provides an extreme energy performance because of an ultra-rugged industrial design, withstanding even the harshest conditions. Fully autonomous sensors, that are battery-powered and no cables requirement,

JORJIN 77GHz mmWave Radar for Vital Signs Detection

JORJIN developed a new 77GHz mmWave radar , which can be used in the vital signs detection. And ai-Sleep used that as a AI sleeping monitoring application. JORJIN 77GHz Radar , with ai-Sleep technologies 2020.10.10 JOJRJIN MT5A61E01K is a 77G mmWave sensor application kit which combines TI’s industrial IWR1642 single-chip radar technology with Jorjin’s advanced

JORJIN US AR Glasses Showroom Grand Opening in San Leandro, California

-Jorjin Technologies announcing US AR Glasses Showroom in San Leandro, and hold a Medical AR Application Seminar on Oct 09   J7EF, the world’s first AR product based on Epson’s new Optical Engine, is now available in JORJIN US San Leandro. JORJIN J-Reality AR Glasses JORJIN built the US Showroom and showed J7EF general application

JORJIN UAE AR Glasses Showroom Grand Opening in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

(Figure JORJIN AR Glasses Showroom in Abu Dhabi, Oct 2020.) Jorjin Technologies announcing UAE AR Glasses Showroom in Dubai and Abu Dhabi , and hold a Culture Innovation of AR Application Seminar on Oct 09 J7EF, the world’s first AR product based on Epson’s new Optical Engine, is now available in JORJIN UAE, Dubai and