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Jorjin Announces the Sigfox Monarch Module WS2116 Passing Sigfox Verified Certification

Jorjin, a leading wireless connectivity module manufacturer has announced the receiving of the Sigfox Verified certification for WS2116, Sigfox Monarch +BLE module. This unique Sigfox Monarch Module features an inter-continental tracking function for solutions such as asset trackers, pallet trackers, container trackers, trolley trackers, luggage trackers and many other devices such as wearables, security buttons,

Jorjin’s JBR-9Z01 Hands-free Bluetooth Ring Scanner

Jorjin’s JBR-9Z01 bluetooth ring scanner features wearable design that gives users freedom of movement to perform barcode scanning tasks comfortably while keeping both hands free. Featuring a superior scan engine, JBR-9Z01 is available to scan most 1D, 2D and PDF417 barcodes printed on paper labels or displayed on the screen of a mobile phone. The

Jorjin BLE 5.0 MCU Module ZB7412-00 for Smart IoT Connectivity

Jorjin Technologies Wireless Microcontroller (MCU)- ZB7412  Building on 20 years of experience, Jorjin aims to provide smart and cost-effective solutions for customers worldwide. We are eager to introduce to you our state of the art wireless MCUs.Jorjin ZB7412-00 is a Bluetooth 5.0 low energy MCU module targeting at IoT applications. Based on TI CC2640R2F wireless SOC chip. ZB7412-00

Jorjin SDW 2500 Designed for Light-duty Edge Computing Devices

Jorjin integrates Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2500 processors into our SOM (System on Module) products. Long battery-life, with the integrated sensor hub and low power location tracking, is ideal for smart watches, smart glasses, and status tracking for pet/elder/baby care. Application: Smart Glasses, Smart Clothes, SGPS/GPRS Baby Caring, Smart Watch, Bluetooth Key Tracker, Smart Shoes.

Jorjin Releases New AR/MR Smart Glasses Redefining Smart Space at Computex 2019

TAIPEI, Taiwan, May 28, 2019 — PRNewswire Jorjin Technologies, a leading innovator of smart glasses based in Taiwanwill be holding a joint exhibition with Taiwan Smart Glasses Industry Association at this year’s Computex. Besides displaying the J-Supporter & J4 smart glasses, wireless communication modules and the Sigfox and LoRa solutions, the main showcase would be the

Jorjin’s mmWave Radar, The High Accuracy, Resolution, and Penetration Radar for Monitoring & Detection

Jorjin’s mmWave Radar for Industrial Diagnostic & Environmental Monitoring MT5A61E01K is a 77G mmWave sensor application kit which combines TI’s industrial IWR1642 single-chip radar technology with Jorjin’s advanced antenna design capabilities. The sensor provides a good solution for various industrial applications, designed for ultra-accuracy, self-monitoring, and low-power  consumption. MT5A61E01K mmWave sensor operates on a specialized band, which is 77 to

Jorjin Introduces the Sigfox Microcontroller Solution & IoT Development Kit, Powered by STMicroelectronics

At Embedded World 2019, Jorjin, STMicroelectronics’ Authorized Partner introduced the Sigfox microcontroller solution & IoT development kit powered by ST technology. The Sigfox microcontroller solution targets sensor nodes & trackers in asset-management applications. It is a dual radio module, sub-1GHz, Bluetooth® low energy RF device. For complete frequency coverage, we offer solutions that support different

Jorjin Unveils Newest AR/MR Smart Glasses at MWC and Embedded World with Eyes on the 5G Market and the Internet of Things

TAIPEI, Taiwan, Feb. 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Continuing the stride in AR/MR innovation, this year, Jorjin is invited by 5G Technology Program Office, Department of Industrial Technology (DoIT), the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) to join the ITRI(Industrial Technology Research Institute), Chunghwa Telecoms and various partners of the 5G supply chain to represent Taiwan in the Mobile World Congress,

Jorjin Works Closely with ST to Promote Sigfox Development Kit 

Since industrial environment could be relatively more hazardous than an office, it is necessary to implement “connected” sensing devices to detect and analyze the machine status upon regular maintenance, inspection, and repairs, in order to prevent potential accidents in the workplace.

 To make industrial environment a better and safer workplace, Jorjin introduces LPWAN multi-sensor solution,

Jorjin SOM Module – The Fast Way to Develop Specific Applications

In the embedded solution market, it’s usual to start from a smaller scope, utilizing limited resources to first prototype and prove a concept, and go on from there; but given that best plans often fall apart upon contact with reality, “proven” concepts also happen to fall apart upon market contact. The most practical way is