JORJIN Unveils AR/MR Smart Glasses at MWC 2024

JORJIN, a trailblazer in the smart glasses industry, proudly presents its latest advancements in AR and MR technologies at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024. With a commitment to innovation, JORJIN stands at the forefront of development and design, introducing groundbreaking AR smart glasses that have gained widespread adoption in both domestic and international markets.
✔Revolutionizing Smart Spaces
As a world-leading AR/MR technology company, JORJIN is dedicated to building the world’s premier XR smart space. The company’s focus on seamless interaction between the virtual and real worlds has led to the creation of diverse application services within the MetaSpace. JORJIN’s AR/MR technology offers users a novel way to navigate and engage, setting new standards for smart space management.
✔J7M – Modular and Protective Design
JORJIN addresses key concerns related to smart glasses with the introduction of the J7M series. The innovative modular concept allows for the independent operation of the main near-eye display by separating functions like the camera and headphones. This not only provides enhanced flexibility but also reduces costs. Furthermore, the J7M series features a “protective” design, with detachable goggles that shield the eyes from splashes and debris, ensuring eye safety and minimizing damage to the display. The detachable goggles are easy to replace and clean when needed, enhancing user convenience.
✔J8L – Stylish and Comfortable Wearables
The J8L series combines sleek and stylish aesthetics with unparalleled comfort, offering users a futuristic everyday experience. Engineered with a thoughtfully distributed weight that lifts pressure off the nose, a flexible temple design that conforms to head shape, and a nose pad design suitable for every nose shape, the J8L glasses are comfortable for extended wear. The glasses also boast intuitive and immersive human-centered interactions, facilitating easy control and interaction with the virtual world. The J8L series introduces a lightweight spatial computing experience, featuring object anchoring, AI recognition, and 3 DoF/6 DoF(SW) capabilities. It opens up a realm of possibilities, providing users with information about their surroundings, whether in tourism, gaming, or showcase scenarios.
JORJIN remains committed to delivering cutting-edge AR/MR solutions, empowering users to seamlessly navigate the evolving landscape of smart spaces. Visit JORJIN at MWC 2024 to experience firsthand the future of augmented and mixed reality.

Our booth ➡ Hall 5 Stand 5A61