JORJIN Returns to AWE: Presenting the Latest J8L AR Smart Glasses and mmWave Radar Smart Solutions

At the 2024 AWE expo, JORJIN brings our latest innovations, including the J8L AR smart glasses, the mmWave Radar S1 smart solutions, and the MetaSpace-ARE XR digital showroom.

J7EF Series AR Smart Glasses: Revolutionizing the Way We Work

JORJIN’s J7EF series AR smart glasses, featuring high-definition displays, high-performance processing, and advanced sensing technology, have become the go-to tools in industrial and medical fields.

J8L AR Smart Glasses: Lighter, Stronger

The brand-new J8L AR smart glasses mark another significant breakthrough for JORJIN in AR technology. These glasses are lightweight, powerful, and offer outstanding display quality. They are suitable for various industries, including education, entertainment, and retail, providing users with a new level of immersive experience.

mmWave Radar Smart Solutions: Precision Sensing for a Smarter Future

JORJIN’s mmWave Radar smart solutions combine advanced sensing technology and algorithms to achieve precise environmental perception and target identification. These solutions have wide applications in smart transportation, smart cities, and smart homes, significantly enhancing system safety and efficiency.

MetaSpace XR Digital Showroom: A Platform for Experiencing Future Technology

Built on JORJIN’s unique ARE platform and utilizing the latest XR technology, the MetaSpace XR digital showroom allows visitors to explore and learn about the innovations showcased at AWE Taiwan Pavilion and by JORJIN in a virtual environment. It provides a comprehensive and immersive digital experience for all visitors.