[BC Award 2023 Winners Interview] Golden Award – Jorjin J7i Light – AI & AR Intelligent Platform

Aiming to provide solutions for industrial, medical, gaming, and educational applications; the Jorjin J7i provides users with the most convenient and comfortable wearable product. The product is available in 2 different types: glasses and headset that users can choose as they need. With a focus on hardware design and development, Jorjin has expanded their product offering by adding a modularity to enable new functionalities based on the J7i Light. With its various features and capabilities, the Jorjin J7i won the Best Choice Award 2023 Golden Award and it is expected to play a bigger role in work, life, and entertainment while leveraging the possibilities of AR (augmented reality).


The Jorjin J7i Light – AI & AR Intelligent Platform shares some features as Lego. Jorjin is experienced in modularizing complex systems and relies on their technical advantages of leading the market for more than 20 years in integrating various features into the J7i. The J7i is equipped with modular functions for: displays, goggles, cameras, ToF (Time of Flight), eye tracking, Bluetooth headsets, and more. The J7i is not only lightweight, it can also meet various needs of different customers in multiple applications.

The Chairman and Founder of Jorjin Technologies, Mr. Tom Liang stated that modularization provides various benefits. For example, it can reduce product development time and cost; as well as providing fast and flexible customized products that meet the users’ needs. In the B2B2C market, it is necessary to meet the users’ specific needs which makes personalization an important aspect. In addition to hardware and software, the J7i is expected t o be further modularized in the way it is worn.

With the growth of AI started by ChatGPT, Jorjin is also optimistic that generative AI will soon expand from text to include images. Mr. Liang stated that AI is an indispensable element in AR applications. AI will allow AR to present more information and strengthen the virtual & real environments, making the J7i AI powered AR platform will enable new possibilities from Meta Space.

“In the Meta Space, digital characters and objects can interact with people and objects in different spaces at the same time; which is the real concept of the metaverse. To achieve this, the eye-tracking technology will play an important role. What the users see is what they can get and being online means being present.”

Mr. Liang shared that VR (virtual reality) is a complete virtual environment and will disconnect their users from the physical world. On the other hand, AR allows users to freely transition into a space that integrates VR at the same time. Compared to smartphones or other wearable devices, AR glasses are generally better hardware. In terms of system scalability, Jorjin has also made full preparations to integrate their devices with AIoT sensors, moving from pure technology development to the application of human-machine integration to multi-person collaboration.

Jorjin is certain that AR smart glasses will be and indispensable necessity for the general public after smartphones and experience a great growth in the near future. Jorjin hopes to establish an integrated ecosystem in Taiwan through Meta Space and expand to multiple aspects such as vehicles, interfaces, content, services, etc.; leveraging the power of strategic partners to cooperatively expand into other markets in addition to PCs and mobile devices.