2021 International Optoelectronics Exposition-Jorjin & Ganzin Technology Press Release

Jorjin and Ganzin announce J7EF Gaze, Asia-Pacific’s first AR smart glasses with built-in eye-tracking on 12/21

After the J7EF Plus AR smart glasses won the 2021 COMPUTEX Best Choice Award Gold Award, Jorjin has not stopped its steps on innovation, research and development, and is still actively looking for required new technologies in Metaverse, further integrating with current products. To pursue a more intuitive and natural human-computer interaction interface, the integration of eye-tracking technology is an important landmark for Jorjin. There are not many manufacturers that can provide wearable eye-tracking solutions in the world. Ganzin Technology provides the most slim-sized, most efficient, and most mature wearable eye-tracking technology on the market. The Aurora eye-tracking solution developed by Ganzin is now integrated with Jorjin’s AR glasses. The two companies hit it off and jointly produced a new generation of AR smart glasses.

Jorjin AR smart glasses J7EF Gaze will make its debut at the Taipei International Optoelectronics Exposition (December 21 to December 23). The eye-tracking technology traces the direction, speed, distance of eye movements, gaze target as well as change of pupil radius, helping the user operate the AR smart glasses more naturally and intuitively. The highly interactive experience gives you the “insights” into the Metaverse.

J7EF Gaze maintains its advantages of first-person perspective and hands-free, said Tom Liang, Jorjin Technologies Chairman & Founder. The powerful eye-tracking system enhances the Human-Computer Interface (HCI). Users can still give commands freely using eye-tracking when both hands are occupied by tools. J7EF Gaze can be applied in smart manufacturing, smart retail, smart education, smart medical, and other fields, enabling users to free their hands and enjoy the convenience of the scenario brought by the new AR/Metaverse technology easily.

Ganzin Aurora micro eye-tracking module presents a new generation of AR/VR human-machine interface of intuitive control

Shao-Yi Chien, founder and CEO of Ganzin Technology, said that Ganzin Technology is a team spinning off from the Department of Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University. In the Metaverse ERA, almost all AR/VR manufacturers demand wearable eye-tracking, but there are not many vendors that can develop eye-tracking solutions, and only Ganzin Technology can provide such a compact and simple solution. The Aurora eye-tracking solution proposed by Ganzin is the most easy-to-install solution on the market, fitting the hardware design requirements of AR/VR/ Smart-glasses, and Ganzin is the leader in AR eye-tracking.


The J7EF Gaze co-designed with Jorjin allows users to interact with the AR display more intuitively and quickly using Ganzin’s most advanced Aurora II eye-tracking technology, said Shao-Yi Chien. Furthermore, we can also identify which physical world objects the user is gazing at through the 8-megapixel camera of the J7EF Gaze, so that physical and virtual objects can coexist and interact in real-time in the user’s field of view, making a big step toward the Metaverse.


Jorjin J7EF Gaze glasses



Binocular near-eye display

wide field of view


integrate virtual information and reality, optimized AR experience


high resolution

Presents the visual effect of a 120-inch at 5 meter

big screen, providing a theater-level visual experience

Support 2D/3D

immersive experience


<1゜ accuracy

high accuracy in the user’s field of view

60Hz gaze output

can adjust to various user scenarios


8 million pixels

support photography, video record, and live streaming


maintains clear imaging at moving work distances


Time-of-Flight (ToF)

support gesture recognition and distance detection

Inertial measurement unit (IMU)

head movement detection for interaction

Ambient light sensor

adjust the brightness of the screen according to ambient light

Power signal

Mobile phone with Android 8.0 or above (support 5G), laptop with Windows 10 or above

Transmission interface

USB Type C, support DisplayPort Alt Mode video output


Taipei International Optoelectronics Exposition Information


  • Exhibition time: December 21st to December 22nd, 9:00-17:00, December 23rd, 9:00-15:00
  • Venue: Area N, 4th Floor, Nangang Exhibition Hall 1
  • Booth number: N613a, Jorjin Metaverse Hall