JORJIN AR Smart Glasses J7EF Plus win 2021 COMPUTEX d&i awards!

COMPUTEX d&i awards have become the leading global ICT design and innovation competition. This year, the judges including global telecommunications industry experts, internationally renowned investors, accelerators and professional media representatives based on the judging criteria, which are Innovation, Technical, Functionality, Social, and Craftsmanship & aesthetics to select the most innovative 50 products of the year.

And we’re delighted to announce that Jorjin’s AR smart glasses J7EF Plus wins this award. J7EF Plus AR smart glasses offers the big FOV, 120 inch image screen and the incredible visual experience. The slim design and light weight can fit for wearing for a long time. With the gesture recognition, the human–computer interaction (HCI) is intuitive and can be used in a wide range of fields including smart manufacturing, smart show room and smart medical for industrial upgrading and digital transformation.

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