Jorjin J7EF Plus AR Smart Glasses Wins 2021 Computex Best Choice Award- Golden Award

Jorjin’s “J7EF Plus AR Smart Glasses”participated in the selection of the COMPUTEX official award “2021 Best Choice Award” and wins the “Golden Award” in the “XR Application” category!

Jorjin’s J7EF Plus AR Smart Glasses is portable wearable device that connects to Android smartphone via USB Type-C. It uses the new Si-OLED micro-projection technology to present a 120-inch large screen. The extremely clear 2D/3D immersive effect brings you an incredible visual experience. The lightweight and comfortable wearing design allows users easy to use for a long time more comfortably. With built-in sensors, including cameras, ToF (time-of-flight) and IMU (inertial measurement units), it can be used for diverse applications.

The “J7EF Plus AR Menu” is an Android application developed based on Unity and integrated in the J7EF Plus AR smart glasses. This application uses the built-in camera of the glasses to recognize specific pictures or signs to trigger multimedia information such as Interactive context, pictures, sounds, videos, animations, or 3D models. The contents will be automatically presented in three of the window panels surrounded by 180 degrees to introduce the objects or provide the operating instructions. And with multiple gestures recognition, it supports intuitive and non-contact control.

We believe that this technology is an innovation. The ultra-low-power 3D environment detection and behavioral recognition functions supports spatial information visualization. It is a true AR platform that superimposes virtual information on the physical world around the users. Integrate the virtual information and reality to kick off the era of new brain-computer interface, these interconnections and interactions of people, objects and digital contents can be used in fields, such as industrial applications, education and training, product introductions, exhibitions and performances. It is an important solution for companies to realize digital transformation and create value through AR.