Jorjin Technologies of the TW 5G Alliance – CHT pilot team to showcase AR/MR smart glasses at NGMN IC&E 2018

Jorjin Technologies, as a member of the TW 5G Alliance – CHT pilot team, will participate in NGMN IC&E 2018 Vancouver this year, to share our results and advances in smart glass technology with the rest of the telecom and ICT industry, through the 4K/8K Live Concert theme.

The TW 5G Alliance – CHT pilot team was formed by Chunghwa Telecoms earlier this year under supervision of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, with major members including Advantech, Sercomm, Industrial Technology Research Institute(ITR), Institute for Information Industry (III).

Jorjin as a member of the TW 5G Alliance, will showcase in this event our binocular AR/MR smart glasses, which includes our latest J4 HMD (Head Mounted Display) smart glasses, and also the J-Reality platform – a powerful computing platform for highly intensive AR/MR Development.

The J4 is our latest binocular smart glass, compatible with Android mobile devices, featuring a broad view and enriched color definition, which in this event, shall deliver an AR experience of the 4K/8K Live Concert theme, also showcasing its rapid on-demand multi-angle display.

Tom Liang, Chairman of Jorjin, says that under the framework of 5G architecture, the J4 on-demand multi-angle display is especially suited for featuring international sports events or large concerts. Users may zoom in on their favorite athletes or stars, and switch between different angles if they so wish. Such new and personalized applications of AR/MR, we believe will bring numerous new possibilities in a coming 5G era.

The J-Reality, combining the high quality Lumus optical display with the swift graphics processing & computing power from Qualcomm SD820, is our AR/MR application development platform. This time, J-Reality will feature a 360-degree AR panorama of Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night, and through introducing the starry night of Vincent van Gogh’s hometown, to showcase the powerful graphics processing & computing power of this platform.

We at Jorjin along with the TW 5G Alliance are committed to the promotion of the 5G industry, our members invested in the furthering of 5G applications; and as part of the CHT pilot team lead by Chunghwa telecoms, we believe this paradigm of vertical cross-industry integration to be fruitful for future cooperation, bringing us much confidence that within this 5G architectural ecosystem, Jorjin may deliver the ideal smart glass products suitable for the future high speed era.

Albert Hsing, GM of Jorjin; Luke Ibbetson, Head of R&D and Strategy at Vodafone Group; Kuo-Feng Lin, Senior Executive VP & CTO of CHT; Tom Liang, Chairman of Jorjin (from left to right)