Jorjin Releases New AR/MR Smart Glasses Redefining Smart Space at Computex 2019

TAIPEI, Taiwan, May 28, 2019 — PRNewswire

Jorjin Technologies, a leading innovator of smart glasses based in Taiwanwill be holding a joint exhibition with Taiwan Smart Glasses Industry Association at this year’s Computex. Besides displaying the J-Supporter & J4 smart glasses, wireless communication modules and the Sigfox and LoRa solutions, the main showcase would be the application of smart glasses in relation with the IoT, where Jorjin employs IoT sensors and its smart glasses framework to construct a Smart Space.

Jorjin would be demonstrating the utility of Smart Spaces with the themes of the Smart Home, Smart Industry, and Smart Retail. On the Smart Home front, applying AR smart glasses with the IoT, alongside IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) sensors, customers may exercise direct control over home appliances, as well as watch 3D movies; on the Smart Industry front, synchronizing Jorjin’s AR smart glasses with SLAM systems, it may provide real time up-to-date data to make for more accurate work and stronger productivity; last but not least, with Smart Retail, simulating the scenario of using AR smart glasses to directly access product history and the ability to integrate POS software, Jorjin demonstrates how in this way, it may provide customers more intuitive shopping experiences.

Jorjin began developing smart glasses with roots in wireless and microprocessor modules, successively releasing MR and AR smart glasses since 2018, it strives to integrate smart glasses with the IoT ecosystem, at the same time doing vertical integration of the smart glasses industry, alongside foundational software and application development.

Jorjin Chairman Tom Liang says that “smart glasses are an opportunity for Taiwan, because Taiwan has capable software developers, and so Jorjin has great expectations for the future of smart glasses, so that we devote our resources to its development. Only through integration of both hardware and software can we realize a complete smart glasses industry chain.”

Jorjin President Albert Hsing further adds, “referencing client feedback, Jorjin’s smart glasses improve consecutively with every new model. Jorjin has also entered the 2019 AWE (Augmented World Expo) in the US, where we are to showcase prototypes of the world’s most lightweight optical waveguide smart glasses, with the aim to partner with other smart glass manufacturers to maximize the market diffusion of this new technology.”

SOURCE Jorjin Technologies Inc.

Jorjin Chairman Tom Liang showcases a variety of new smart glasses at Computex 2019


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