Jorjin Presents the WiLink8 WG78XX Family and 802.11ac & BT5.0 Module WG3221 for CPU

Jorjin Technologies is known for the high performance and quality of its wireless connectivity modules, especially for the WiLink8 WG78XX product line, with the new 802.11ac & BT5.0 module WG3221 being popular immediately since launch.

The WiLink8 WG78XX family includes the modules WG7801-B0/D0, WG7831-B0/D0, WG7833-B0, and WG7837V0, supporting both consumer and industrial temperatures and fully certified for FCC, CE, and Telec.

In addition, Jorjin’s wireless modules for the CPU are designed with embedded applications which support SDIO for WLAN, so developers can add fully integrated 2.4- and 5-GHz versions of Wi-Fi® and dual-mode Bluetooth® 4.2 solutions to their devices with ease.

Jorjin’s WiLink8 WG78XX Family could be found in many different devices, with a scope which may surprise; varying from devices such as robotic vacuum cleaners, solar power inverters, to various rugged tablets. Furthermore, Jorjin’s modules are pre-integrated with a wide selection of processors, for example the TI Sitara and NXP i.MX series. The operating systems have also been upgraded to Android 8 and Linux kernel 3.10 ~ 4.9+.

In order to offer multiple specifications to our customers, Jorjin launched the brand new 802.11ac & BT5.0 module WG3221 earlier this year. It is our promise that we will continue introducing new innovative modules to the market!

Please refer to the chart below for the specifications of WG78XX Family or click here to know more about WG3221-00.