Jorjin and Gigabyte Join Forces to Showcase a Smart Pharmacy Solution and a New Family of AR Smart Glasses in CES 2020

With all the momentum built behind the convergence of Augmented Reality with 5G and Industry 4.0, all tech giants are gearing up to showcase new applications benefiting from those technologies.

Jorjin Technologies, who started working on smart glasses when AR was still in its infancy, will be partnering with Gigabyte in this year’s CES on a joint AR-based end-to-end solution for Smart Pharmacies. Furthermore, Jorjin will also introduce J-Ability, the company’s latest family of AR Smart Glasses, powered by Qualcomm XR1 AR processing platform. 

Gigabyte, on its side, will showcase its Data Center, Smart Life, and Digital Studio alongside a whole line of related applications, one of which is the Smart Pharmacy. The Smart Pharmacy integrates Jorjin’s AR smart glasses with Gigabyte’s server solutions for edge and cloud computing. Users are health professionals who benefit from being connected to the server database so that patient data and prescriptions are processed in a swift and precise manner, thus saving time while keeping stronger tabs on regulated substances.

J-Ability is a family of binocular AR smart glasses catering firstly to enterprise users. For example, the AR Remote Support function enables on-site users to connect with off-site experts, thus reducing on-site operation time and human errors and improving work efficiency. Similarly, the adoption of AR technology can greatly facilitate Visualization Management by simplifying complex workflows and providing staff with easy to understand standard operating procedures (SOP), hence helping companies to save costs and boost productivity. 

However, as noted by Jorjin Chairman Tom Liang, “The future of AR smart glasses does not stop at the industrial sector, and will also expand into medicine, retail, education and multiple other sectors”. Consequently, Jorjin is committed to remain an innovative AR pioneer and is actively seeking to develop new strategic partnerships with companies aiming at applying AR smart glasses into new fields.


About Jorjin Technologies: Jorjin Technologies, a Taiwan company founded in 1998, has been at the forefront of the development of AR smart glasses for the past 6 years and its products are currently quickly adopted by domestic and international customers. The company has also fully embraced the concept of smart spaces and is working diligently to provide total solutions aiming at satisfying the use cases of its customers in this domain.