Glasses can also see body temperature, Epson and Jorjin develop smart glasses

(Integrating the remote collaboration application of Epson Moverio BT-35E binocular penetrating smart glasses, the screen on the job site can be transmitted to the remote collaboration expert in real time through the front lens. Photo / Provided by Epson)

Epson and Taiwan Smart Glasses integrated R & D manufacturer Jorjin Company jointly organized the “Taiwan-Japan Epidemic Prevention International Team” to use smart glasses equipment with thermal imaging applications to provide more real-time and more mobile temperature monitoring solutions for epidemic prevention and security personnel.

In addition, Jorjin integrates the remote collaboration system of Epson Moverio smart glasses, and also provides another solution for teams seeking alternative solutions for video collaboration. By transmitting the maintenance or engineering screen clearly and instantly to the collaborators, it can effectively Conduct remote collaboration and management across regions to create a low-latency and efficient working environment, helping companies to improve their epidemic prevention and maintain good operational performance.

Huang Shaobai, Senior Associate of the Epson Vision Technology Sales Department in Taiwan, said that Epson has long been working in the field of smart glasses and has mature optical engine technology. In the commercial field, Epson Moverio provides the corresponding Smart Glasses Software Development Kit (SDK) for developers to use for free. It also established an AR co-creation center with the Capital Policy Society to cultivate smart glasses software development kit talents for enterprises. Provide in-depth and customized AR content development. In the consumer field, Epson Moverio also brings consumers a new visual enjoyment, combining virtual images and the real world.

Now facing the severe test of the epidemic, Epson and Jorjin jointly launched the AR mobile temperature detection application using Epson Moverio BT-300 binocular penetrating smart glasses and the integration of Epson Moverio BT-35E binocular penetrating smart glasses. The end-end collaboration application can help enterprises in a more intelligent and innovative way to make the epidemic prevention measures more complete and ready for implementation in the critical period of epidemic prevention, and can also complete remote collaboration tasks such as transnational and off-site projects.

Jorjin chairman Liang Wenlong said that Jorjin’s mission is to use smart glasses as a service to help companies improve the efficiency of their work processes, and then build new and more efficient processes. The AR mobile body temperature detection application jointly developed by the Taiwan and Japan Epidemic Prevention International Team uses a thermal imaging camera specifically designed for human body temperature measurement, with an accuracy of 0.5 degrees. Compared with other commercially available body temperature detection solutions, it can effectively help The frontline epidemic prevention staff, while maintaining social distance, get more accurate temperature measurement results. 

In addition, smart glasses combined with remote collaboration applications can help customers in Taiwan’s manufacturing and equipment maintenance industries to remove obstacles through the first-time real-time connection, provide more accurate and better after-sales service and communication, and help companies To reduce the cost of travel, or the cost of wear and tear caused by communication errors, the most important thing is to reduce the risk of employees being infected by travel during periods of intense epidemic. Epson Moverio BT-300 has the advantages of contrast, high brightness and resolution of the exclusive micro-Si-OLED display technology.

This time Jorjin integrated thermal imaging technology on the BT-300 to display the portrait in front of the eyes with color and body temperature. On the screen, if the detected body temperature exceeds 37.5 degrees Celsius, a warning message will automatically appear on the screen, and the BT-300 will be upgraded to a mobile body temperature detector. It can also be combined with the EF-100 small laser projector to share large-size real-time monitoring screens To other epidemic prevention personnel. On the advantage of mobility, it can be worn by epidemic prevention personnel, and keep 1-1. 5 meters of safe social distance, easy patrol-type body temperature monitoring and real-time intelligence sharing through the big screen in front of you to strengthen epidemic prevention.

In addition, its lightweight body conforms to the ergonomic design, even if the epidemic prevention personnel wear it for a long time or walk, it can still be comfortable, greatly improving the flexible use of epidemic prevention measures, Jorjin can also assist The enterprise combines the face recognition function to customize the recording of the employee’s body temperature, and further upgrades the more effective and fast body temperature control management system. Faced with the huge crowds of people in the stations of mass transit such as MRT and high-speed rail, as well as crowded places such as department stores and night markets, epidemic prevention and security personnel can conduct temperature detection patrols regularly or randomly, and further improve epidemic maintenance and control .

The epidemic prevention has entered a critical period.

In the manufacturing and industrial applications, many companies have carried out regulations such as human flow control in order to take into account the safety of on-site workers, and the original multinational and cross-regional equipment assembly, maintenance and repair engineering personnel have also turned online Video work. In order to assist enterprises to still be able to manage and operate efficiently, the remote collaboration system jointly launched by Epson and Jorjin allows the engineering and maintenance teams to perform remote processing immediately when the equipment is assembled or repaired in different places. For Taiwanese enterprises that have export needs for machinery and equipment, facing the implementation of immigration control in many countries, the remote collaboration solution can break through geographical restrictions, allowing the work team to efficiently carry out multinational after-sales service and maintenance, and effectively save Manpower, time, travel costs, quickly solve customer problems.

With Epson Moverio BT-35E binocular penetrating smart glasses, engineers can transmit high-quality augmented reality images in front of the front screen to the professional background personnel in real time without having to hold hands, making maintenance details clear. In the process of remote collaboration, background personnel can communicate via voice, or use intuitive screen annotation to send real-time annotation messages to the large screen in front of the engineering staff, clearly give instructions and suggestions, or Before and after the collaboration, send text notes, images or files to provide the frontline staff with correct guidance information.

Epson Moverio BT-35E binocular penetrating smart glasses is equipped with a high-quality front camera, which allows background personnel to clearly record the collaboration process with front-line personnel in the form of photographs or videos, when facing other problems in the future , Replay the screen and find problems from it, help companies to improve the implementation of tracking work execution and evidence of service records.

Source: Business / Yuan Haoting / Taipei report
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