Jorjin Unveils Newest AR/MR Smart Glasses at MWC and Embedded World with Eyes on the 5G Market and the Internet of Things

TAIPEI, Taiwan, Feb. 27, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Continuing the stride in AR/MR innovation, this year, Jorjin is invited by 5G Technology Program Office, Department of Industrial Technology (DoIT), the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) to join the ITRI(Industrial Technology Research Institute), Chunghwa Telecoms and various partners of the 5G supply chain to represent Taiwan in the Mobile World Congress, to showcase Jorjin’s newest innovations in the 5G field.

Jorjin Chairman Tom Liang said, that “With high-speed data transfer, the J4 Series can present real-time video material in a multi-view format for medical purposes.”
Jorjin Chairman Tom Liang remarks, that “for the Internet of Things to run smoothly, stable high internet speeds would be absolutely necessary, so Jorjin views the developments of 5G with anticipation, so that smart glasses may realize its many advanced applications, once only relegated to sci-fi fantasy.”

This year in the MWC, Jorjin combined with Smart System Institute(SSI), Institute for Information Industry’s (III) software capabilities to launch the J4 series of binocular AR smart glasses, which through high-speed data transfer, is capable of presenting real-time video footage in multi-perspective format, which can be applied for medical purposes, for example: endoscopic surgeries, surgery robots etc.; the high-speed data transfer of 5G would also make it possible to drive Digital Twin projects, through the intermingling of virtual and real life data, to assist in the architecture of future Smart City initiatives.

At the same time, at the Embedded World exhibition in Germany, Jorjin displays the J-Supporter smart glasses, showcasing the benefits of the Vision Picking function in logistics management. Equipped with built-in Barcode Engine, See-Through Near-Eye display and wireless connection capabilities, the J-Supporter scans barcodes from the first-person perspective, making for more fluid workflows and less chances for human error.

Jorjin President Albert Hsing remarks, that “aside from logistics management, the applications of smart glasses are virtually limitless, for an AR smart glass infrastructure is capable of rapidly establishing entire Cyber-physical systems, providing manufacturing SOPs and swift 3D data simulations on short notice, making for limitless entrepreneurial opportunities.”.

In Embedded World, Jorjin also presents the LPWAN(Low Power Wide Area network) solution for large scale industrial logistics, with Sigfox and LoRa as the main showcases, featuring cloud platforms integrating multi-sensory environmental monitoring capabilities.

Jorjin aims to present their latest innovations and push for the smart glass industry and Internet of Things to become the next industrial paradigm. 

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SOURCE Jorjin Technologies Inc.