Applying Jorjin J-Supporter for Quicker and More Efficient Problem-Solving

The intent behind the design of the J-Supporter smart glass solution is to improve communication in field work, for the purpose of streamlining field solutions.

On-site workers through this solution may share on-site visuals with off-site experts, and dialogue in real-time, mitigating the risk of miscommunications, improving problem-solving efficiency.

We at JorJin are thus pleased to present our J-Supporter solution. This solution was designed in mind to improve the efficiency and professionalism of field work, for the purpose of creating value and achieving customer satisfaction, mainly for application in manufacturing plants, power facility inspections, building maintenance, medical services and more.

The J-Supporter solution includes the smart glasses itself and the remote support application.



J-Supporter Smart Glasses (model: J-102)

The J-Supporter is designed as a lightweight smart glass, the headset made to be light and low-heat, so that users would not feel fatigue or discomfort from long intervals of usage. The J-Supporter may also be mounted upon eyeglass frames or hardhats, to suit different field conditions.

Remote Support Application

The remote supporter software includes applications for both the J-Supporter & PC client sides. The remote support application feeds real-time field visuals to off-site experts, and off-site experts may also provide solutions vice versa also using real-time visuals on their own side to improve the accuracy of their instructions to the on-site workers.