Jorjin Announces XR Smart Showroom Solution at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2022

Jorjin Technologies Inc. (Jorjin), a leading innovative manufacturer of AR Smart Glasses, has announced a new solution called XR Smart Showroom at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2022.

XR Smart Showroom is a space that provides “the first layer of vision”, a front-projection 360-degree panoramic display to immerse you visually and “the second layer of vision”, the virtual information displayed through AR Smart Glasses, including texts, pictures, videos or 3D models. It also builds with mmWave positioning system that tracks how people move in the room and then react to them.

There visitors can vividly experience and interact with diverse scenes. For example, we can expect a new way to shop at the brick-and-mortar stores in the future. In the store, there are only the walls that projected with virtual merchandise on the shelves. Customers wear AR smart glasses at the entrance, using gesture control for their shopping process, such as moving left or right to browse, moving downward to add the items into shopping cart or making a fist to order coffee.

Collectively interacting reinforces the simulated scenes and improve customer experiences. Take mentioned shopping for example. When someone chose a box of cereal through his AR smart glasses, one box of cereal on the virtual shelf will be automatically disappeared, just same as the real shopping flow.

Besides retail industry, it’s also available for mechanical engineering. Previously, the manufacturers of machine tool have to take time and costs to delivery to demonstrate their products. With the XR Smart Showroom, they can show the buyers an immersive environment and provide the extendable virtual product information that can effectively replace traditional catalog.

A critical aspect of Jorjin’s XR Smart Showroom Solution is to offer reliable, high-quality data communication to ensure an uninterrupted virtual reality experience. Jorjin’s solution utilizes Peraso Inc.’s mmWave X130 chipset, which is fully compliant with the IEEE802.11ad standard. The Jorjin/Peraso’s demonstration will allow users to experience the seamless transmission of video wirelessly over the world’s first 60GHz mmWave-enabled AR glasses.

In shorts, XR Smart Showroom is a space to create engaging experiences for the situational scenes, connect objects to offer interactivity, sensory immersions and emotional stimuli. This kind of immersive multi-sensory environments have the advantage of innovation, expandability, and environmental protection.



  • Exhibition time: May 24th to May 27th, 9:30-17:30
  • Venue: Area M, 4th Floor, Nangang Exhibition Hall 1
  • Booth number: M0120
  • Exhibitor: Jorjin Technologies Inc.