Taiwan Primier , Su Tseng-Chang, praised JORJIN for the J-Reality AR Glasses to Prevent COVID19 Pandemic

J-Reality can point a person running a fever within a 5-meter radius with AR + NIR technologies. And it can record the body temperatures of more than 100 people in less than 3 minutes.

  • Taiwan Premier SU Praise JORJIN Chairnan Tom

    Taiwan Premier SU Praise JORJIN Chairnan Tom

  • JORJIN NEW AR Glasses, J7EF

    JORJIN NEW AR Glasses, J7EF

  • Taiwan COVD19 Statistics

    Taiwan COVD19 Statistics

  • new J7EF AR Glasses for COVID 19 Preventing Application

    new J7EF AR Glasses for COVID 19 Preventing Application

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Taipei Shih / Taipei Hsien, Nov 1, 2020 (Issuewire.com)  – Taiwan Premier, Su Tseng-chang, visited JOJIN, and wished that JORJIN can share the Taiwan’s good experience of pandemic control in the future via the J-Reality AR+ NIR Application.

Taiwan takes credit for its effective response to COVID-19.  As of Oct 31th 2020 , the laboratory-confirmed cases were 540 in number, with low mortality rate (7 cases, 1.26%) . Nearly 83% of all cases were imported. The management of the pandemic crisis is widely believed to be a blueprint for many other countries. Taiwan’s success did not come out of sheer luck. Instead, Taiwan has taken a series of actions after the 2003 severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) outbreak in governmental reorganization, medical care system preparedness, and public engagement.

J- Reality AR Glasses, combined with AR and NIR micro-bolometer technologies, developed by JORJIN Technology Inc., it can automatically pinpoint a person running a fever within a 5-meter radius. It can make buzzer sound and light alarms on the helmet with AR Glasses and NIR sensor, which are triggered when anyone within range has a body temperature above 37.5 C. It can identify and record the body temperatures of more than 100 people in less than 3 minutes.

Tom Liang, chairman and founder of JORJIN, said the they still develop a new version of AR glasses application, which can detect multiple people’s body temperatures  at the same time. The new AR glasses will use mmWave Radar to detect multiple  persons’ body  temperatures . It will calibrate the multiple peoples’ distances and body temperatures with a new SiP , Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 Platform. 

J7EF smartglasses also feature an 8-mega pixel front camera, a 9-axis Inertial Measurement Unit for motion detection and an optional low-power Time-of-Flight sensor. Jorjin has also designed a companion small form-factor Controller Unit powered by Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ XR1, a leading processing platform optimized for AR/MR applications. J7EF can connect to the Controller Unit through an USB Type-C cable or, alternatively, directly to most high-end smartphones supporting Display Port over USB Type-C.

J7EF smartglasses users will enjoy a full HD resolution (1920×1080 pixels), with a 34 degree FOV and a typical brightness of 1000cd/m2. They will feel like watching a 120-inch HD display positioned at 5 meters, with the added benefit of a breathtaking rendering of 3D content.

JORJIN J7E series AR Glasses


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