Jorjin AR Glasses used in Education

This is an example of applied in education. 3D information can be visualized and seen through AR smart glasses directly.

When smart glasses are applied in education, it can illustrate 2D pictures into 3D images in front of eyes, and with gesture control, users are able to interact with the model. Compared with the traditional 2D display, smart glasses can provide a more comprehensive and deeper discussion on the same topic.

For the application in education, AR smart glasses are the best information integrated terminal for personal study. For example, when appreciating a known masterpiece, smart glasses can instantly connect to the database, providing the explanation of the painting, comments of the artist, and extending video of work.
Besides, the artist can employ the feature of AR to mark details and stories on the painting, providing users with a reflective understanding of the painting.

Three-dimensionalize the plane message can enrich and upgrade the content.

Even it can present the virtual image for interaction in the real space.

With the high-end camera sensor, smart glasses are available to instantly positioning the location and proceed SLAM (Simultaneous Localization And Mapping). The feature of spatial and plane recognition allows smart glasses to project 3D virtual object on an assigned plane, and users can interact with the virtual object directly.

This technique can be applied to the gaming industry, leveraging traditional 2D games (mobile games) and combining games with real-world scenes.

AR smart glasses provide users the most effective and instant contextual interaction whenever while performance or learning.

AR smart glasses are exceptional equipment for personal training. For example, users can see how the instructor completes the whole process by wearing AR smart glasses as if the instructor is next beside you.

Since traditional learning needs to depend on cell phones or the screen of computers, users tend to be distracted while working. The feature of AR smart glasses is the transparent display that can show the information in front of eyes directly, and users won’t be influenced when working in two hands. That is, AR smart glasses is the best terminal equipment for personal training.