JORJIN and Sensolus Unveiled SigFox GPS Tracker

Jorjin Technologies and Sensolus announcing SigFox GPS Tracker on Oct 12

Live on YouTube :

Jorjin and Sensolus unveiled new Asset Tracker operates in all Sigfox regions (worldwide).  It provides an extreme energy performance because of an ultra-rugged industrial design, withstanding even the harshest conditions.

Fully autonomous sensors, that are battery-powered and no cables requirement, will keep you up-to-date information regarding the location and usage of your assets. The energy-efficiency of our tracker application is guaranteed by combining the different geolocation technologies like GPS, WiFi, BLE and transmission via an LPWAN.

The Asset Tracker provides easy and instant deployment on your non-powered assets, allowing you to get insights, optimize processes and discover new business opportunities for your fleet of non-powered assets. Wherever you are, check where your assets are located at a certain point in time.