JORJIN 77GHz mmWave Radar for Vital Signs Detection

JORJIN developed a new 77GHz mmWave radar , which can be used in the vital signs detection. And ai-Sleep used that as a AI sleeping monitoring application.

JORJIN 77GHz Radar , with ai-Sleep technologies 2020.10.10

JOJRJIN MT5A61E01K is a 77G mmWave sensor application kit which combines TI’s industrial IWR1642 single-chip radar technology with Jorjin’s advanced antenna design capabilities. The sensor provides a good solution for various industrial applications, designed for ultra-accuracy, self-monitoring, and low-power consumption.

ORJIN 77GHz mmWave Radar Sensor

MT5A61E01K operates on a specialized band, which is 77 to 81GHz. It includes an ARM Cortex-R4F processor and a 2TX 4RX antenna system with specific SDK to satisfy diverse applications, for areas such as environment monitoring, factory automation, facility inspection & maintenance, object or personnel detection, or personal health care.

Jorjin’s MT5A61E01K provides a full-featured evaluation kit for rapid application development, for building proof-of-concept prototypes. Jorjin also has a 60GHz ISM band mmWave radar, which is a competitive design more geared towards indoor applications.

This video demonstrates how the 77GHz mmWave detect vital signs such as heartbeat rate and breathing rate . This information can potentially be used to detect and alert by scenario settings.