Jorjin Works Closely with ST to Promote Sigfox Development Kit 

Since industrial environment could be relatively more hazardous than an office, it is necessary to implement “connected” sensing devices to detect and analyze the machine status upon regular maintenance, inspection, and repairs, in order to prevent potential accidents in the workplace.

To make industrial environment a better and safer workplace, Jorjin introduces LPWAN multi-sensor solution, Sigfox certified WS2118-00 module to the industry market. Jorjin’s WS2118-00 module is cost-effective, high performance, ultra-low power, sub-1GHz and Bluetooth® low energy RF devices. Very low active RF and MCU current and low-power mode current consumption provide excellent battery lifetime and allow for operation on small coin cell batteries and in energy-harvesting applications. The radio frequency of WS2118-00 supports SIGFOX RCZ1 & RCZ3.


The quality of the WS2118-00 is certified by STMicroelectronics; therefore, based on the ready-to-use WS2118-00 RF dual-radio module, ST released the STEVAL-FKI001V1 development kit, providing a convenient, pre-certified solution for developers to quickly move from the early concept-feasibility phase to prototyping, field trials, and volume production. We are glad to help the developer minimize time spent by trial & error.

The WS2118-00 & STEVAL-FKI001V1 are programmable ultra-low-power radio modules featuring flexible power management and wake-on-event capability that allow a multi-year lifetime from a small primary battery. 

The WS2118-00 & STEVAL-FKI001V1 development kit are available now, and we are willing to share the experience with you. Please contact us, if you have any further idea.

Learn more about the STEVAL-FKI001V1 development kit: