Service Policy

  • Warranty period: 1 years for Jorjin standard product.
  • Warranty coverage: Jorjin standard products, excluding mechanical parts and cosmetic issues.
  • Jorjin’s customer should return failure parts to Jorjin or Jorjin branch if purchased from branch directly for repair or exchange.
  • Jorjin repair Turn around Time is in house up to 14 working days (Customer will receive an RMA No. for tracking purpose)
  • It is possible to obtain an exchange unit if the products were purchased directly from Jorjin and the product is DOA (Dead-on-Arrival).
  • IWC (In Warranty Case) – Jorjin’s customer takes inbound freight, Jorjin takes outbound freight. (Appendix A)
  • OOW (Out of Warranty)/ NDF (No Defect Found)/ CID (Customer Induce Damage) cases – Jorjin’s customer takes inbound and outbound freight

Warranty Conditions

Warranty Coverage: Product

ITEMWarranty Period
Jorjin’s products12 months
M/B12 months
Optical Engine Device12 months
Accessories (Adapter…)12 months
Battery12 months

Void Warranty Conditions

  1. Physical damage of the product, caused by the user.
  2. Improper or inadequate maintenance or modification
  3. Missing or broken parts or components
  4. Missing or broken serial number label
  5. Foreign objects inside the product
  6. Software, media, parts, or supplies not provided or supported by Jorjin
  7. Operation outside the product’s specifications
  8. The product has been found to be defective after expiry of the warranty period
  9. The product has been subjected to misuse, abuse or unauthorized repair, whether by accident or other cause.
  10. The returned defective product is tested or calibrated by Jorjin, while a No Defect Found (NDF) result is obtained.
  11. Not authorized product updates and reworks by the customer which caused damage.
  12. Product is damaged beyond repair due to nature disasters, for example, lighting strike, flood, earthquake, etc.
  13. Consumable items and software
  14. Consumable Parts: Carton, PE Bag, Cables etc.
  15. Cosmetics Parts: Chassis, Housing, Case, Cover and Bracket, etc.
  16. Serial number or Barcode or RMA related code of the products ate destroyed, altered or otherwise rendered illegible.