Reshape Your Commercial Kitchen Using IoT & Jorjin’s WG7833-B0

Application: Kitchen Appliances
Product: WG7833-B0
Country: USA

Reshape Your Commercial Kitchen Using IoT & Jorjin’s WG7833-B0

Since 2017 Jorjin Technologies has cooperated with an US kitchen appliances manufacturer, who is the equipment supplier of several worldwide chain restaurants, and Jorjin’s Wi-Fi & Bluetooth module WG7833-B0 was chosen as the wireless connectivity part for the customer’s commercial oven. WG7833‐B0, a WiFi, BT, BLE SiP (system in package) module, is the most demanded design for mobile devices, audio, computer, PDA and embedded system applications with Wilink8 solution from TI. Also, WG7833-B0 supports both WLAN 2.4GHz and 5GHz, and it is certified by NCC, FCC, TELEC, and CE. Furthermore, as a considerable expertise in radio frequency (RF) engineering, Jorjin is able to assist customers in passing more certifications, such as, FCC and MIC.

Remote Monitoring and Control to Improve the Commercial Kitchen Workflow

Jorjin’s customer provides industry-leading equipment and solutions which makes the concept of commercial kitchen technology far more important than ever. WG7833-B0’s high performance and Jorjin’s technical support have helped the customer from the very beginning of the project to the mass production stage. On the other hand, the combination of WG7833-B0 and commercial oven enables a remotely controlled kitchen that users can adjust the duration time or temperature and monitor the cooking process through mobile devices easily. When the commercial oven is embedded with a camera, the live video will be broadcasted through high-speed Wi-Fi, and users could have an overview of the food in the oven, even when not in the kitchen.

Choose Jorjin and Let Us Be Your Strongest Backup!

Jorjin understands that product life cycle and manufacturing process are significant when the project moves to mass production stage. Therefore, Jorjin offers customers long life cycle guarantee and keep optimizing the process. The customer has been satisfied with Jorjin’s service, and we will continue providing efficient support and innovative products to our customers.