Get Connected with Robotic Vacuum Cleaner via WG7801-D0

Application: Home Appliance
Product: WG7801-D0, WLAN 2.4GHz Module
Country: Sweden

Get Connected with Robotic Vacuum Cleaner via WG7801-D0

Jorjin Technologies has collaborated with one of the biggest Home Appliance Company in the world since 2014. With over 100 years in floor care, this Swedish company is dedicated to innovation and quality and decided to design a robotic vacuum cleaner to catch up the trend of smart home. WG7801-D0, a Wi-Fi SiP (system in package) module, is the most demanded design for mobile devices, audio, computer, PDA and embedded system applications with Wilink8 solution from TI. Using Jorjin’s Wi-Fi module WG7801-D0 is the simplest way that the robot can be controlled by the smartphone and connected with the app all the time. The combination of WG7801-D0 and robotic vacuum cleaner has simplified routine cleaning and achieved the goal of smart home.

Jorjin Is the Right Partner for Your Project

The company chose Wi-Fi module WG7801-D0 because of Jorjin’s great support and long product life cycle. Jorjin provided software and hardware support from the verification tests to mass production. Also, Jorjin fully understands customers’ concern of product life cycle that we provide customers our guarantee in the early stage of the collaboration. Jorjin is willing to discuss every detail with the customers and solve the problems for them.

The Product Speaks for Itself!

During the years of the collaboration, Jorjin has shipped out around 105K pcs of module which have been tested and approved by the customer. In addition, consumer electronics industry is considered as one of the most competitive market, and Jorjin is able to provide WG7801-D0 with stable quality and excellent performance to meet consumers’ expectations.