A Smarter Solar System Based on Jorjin’s Solution WG7837V0

Application: Solar Power
Product: WG7837V0, WLAN 2.4GHz/5GHz, BT/BLE Module
Country: U.S.A

A Smarter Solar System Based on Jorjin’s Solution WG7837V0

With the features of wide temperature (-40~85°C) and high durability, Jorjin’s Wi-Fi/Bluetooth combo module WG7837V0 is suitable for applications in industry, IoT, and outdoor fields. Also, the WG7837V0 series SiP (System in Package) module, is the most demanded design for industrial handset and portable devices with TI WiLink8 IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n and Bluetooth, Bluetooth LE solutions to provide the best Wi-Fi and BT coexistence interoperability and power saving technologies from TI.

Jorjin Is Your Long-term Partner!

One of the most popular manufacturers of micro-inverters in solar industry headquartered in the United States selected WG7837V0 for its home energy solution. This US Company has shipped more than 20 million inverters so far and operated in 21 countries to make solar energy accessible to all. The total shipping quantity for this customer reaches 265K in Q3 2019, and Jorjin is capable of supporting the production ramp-up. With the strong support of SMT line, Jorjin is able to increase the production capacity and adjust the schedule resiliently. On the other hand, since WG7837V0 is certified by FCC/IC/CE/TELEC, Jorjin provided the customer related reports and helped them pass the certifications of end product. After the product went to mass production, Jorjin continued to provide the service and helped the customer to pass ANATEL (Brazil) and NOM (Mexico). The close relationship between Jorjin and the customer makes the two companies expand the market together undoubtedly. Jorjin’s wide temperature modules are designed for extreme environments and ensure the high performance in various vertical markets e.g. UAV, transportation, and factory automation.

Clean Energy: The Power of Being Connected

For solar power industry, it is very important to monitor the real-time data and performance from different places. The connectivity of Jorjin’s Wi-Fi/Bluetooth combo module WG7837V0 enables the bi-directional communications, in-depth monitoring, and remote problem-solving.