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BLE Wireless MCU Module
Coretex-M3 + BLE 4.2
Key Features
  • TI CC2640, 24MHz & 32.768KHz crystals, DC2DC, and chip antenna on a single module.
  • Built-in TI CC2640 5x5mm RHB VQFN32 (15 GPIOs)
  • LGA 25pins package.
  • Dimension 16.9mm(L) x 11mm(W) x 2.45mm(H)
  • Powerful ARM® Cortex®-M3 Microcontroller
  • Ultra-Low Power Sensor Controller
  • Efficient Code Size Architecture, Placing Drivers, Bluetooth® Low Energy Controller, and
  • Bootloader in ROM
  • No external component required.
  • Low Power and Wide Supply Voltage Range: 1.8 to 3.8V
  • Internal DC-DC converter built-in
  • 2.4-GHz RF Transceiver Compatible With Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 4.1 Specification.
  • Excellent Receiver Sensitivity (–97 dBm for BLE ), Selectivity, and Blocking
  • Performance
  • Programmable Output Power up to +5 dBm
  • Integrated Antenna

Tools and Development Environment from TI

  • Full-Feature and Low-Cost Development Kits
  • Packet Sniffer PC Software
  • Sensor Controller Studio
  • SmartRF™ Studio
  • SmartRF Flash Programmer 2
  • IAR Embedded Workbench® for ARM
  • Code Composer Studio™

The ZB7410-00 is a wireless MCU module targeting Bluetooth Smart applications. This module is
built-in TI CC2640 QFN-32 chip.
The module is a cost-effective, ultralow power, 2.4-GHz RF devices. Very low active RF and MCU
current and low-power mode current consumption provide excellent battery lifetime and allow for
operation on small coin cell batteries and in energy-harvesting applications.
BLE to UART AT command User Guide