MT5C01-03 is a 60GHz mmWave sensor AoM module which combines TI’s industrial IWRL6432AOP single-chip radar technology.

The sensor module provides a good solution for industrial IoT market, designed for ultra-accuracy, small form factor and low-power consumption.

Key Features 


Antenna                                             3RX and 2TX

Frequency Range                         57~64 GHz

Power (Avg.)                                   <2mW to 25mW+ (depending on different SW)

Azimuth FOV                                 140°

Elevation FOV                               120°

Angular Resolution                     Azimuth: 29° / Elevation: 58°

Detect Range                                 15m at FOV Edges (20m at 0°) for Human

Dimensions                                      15.5 mm (L) x 7.0 mm (W) x 2.2 mm (H)

Temperature range                    -40~85° C