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Key Features


  • CPU:Atmel SAMA5D31
  • SDRAM:LPDDR2 1Gbit
  • FLASH:NAND Flash 1Gbit
  • Interface:Image Sensor Interface ( ISI )、1 x USB 2.0 High Speed Host or Device Port、1 x 4bit SDIO SD Port、1 x Serial Port、1 x I2C Port、1 x SPI Port、1 x DBGU Port
  • Package Type:LFLGA-97Pin
  • OS:Linux or RTOS-less


Jorjin has created our BSP base on Atmel’s release and modify for our SIP’s feature. BSP
information as below,

  • Uboot(2013.07).
  • Bootstrap(3.6.2).
  • dtb(for sama5d3-ek).
  • kernel(3.10).
  • rootfile system.
  • compile tool.

Jorjin’s AAAL115JS-C1 is a feature-rich Application Processor module specifically
designed for Barcode Scanning applications. With proper MPU and barcode
decoding library, customers can leverage AAAL115JS-C1 to build a wide range of
devices, ranging from a handheld scanner to a full-featured Smart Terminal with highly
accurate scanning performance.
AAAL115JS-C1 integrates a Atmel SAMA5D3 ARM Cortex-A5 (up to 536GHz)、
LPDDR2 1Gbit (32M x 32bit)、NAND Flash 1Gbit (128M x 8bit) .
AAAL115JS-C1 provides High Speed USB2.0 interface and RS232, allowing faster
barcode data transmission and beyond BO1NA1411B offers exceptional scanning
performances on 1D and 2D barcodes and is ideal for scan intensive applications
where productivity is a key with power manager.
SAMA5D3-LFLGA97 size is the 18 mm (W) x 14 mm (D) x 1mm (H), matching very
tight design constraints. You can choose the hardware configuration that best suits
your design.
AAAL115JS Datasheet