A Secret Weapon to Improving your Professional Corporate Image
A Secret Weapon to Improving your Professional Corporate Image

The J-Supporter Smart Glasses

As according to much industry research, customer satisfaction correlates very positively with the speed of repairs and quality management. Inability to complete repairs on short notice will almost always leave sustained bad impressions on the customer side, giving them sufficient motivation to switch providers, implying that the mistakes of today are the lost revenues of tomorrow.

In regards to this problem, Jorjin’s introduction of the J-Supporter smart glasses into enterprise customer relationship management provides the following advantages:

Improved precision

The remote support function of the J-Supporter facilitates exchange of real-time information and visual data with relevant experts, providing relevant solutions to fix the problem at hand, instead of the on-site personnel working in isolation, referencing thick repair manuals that may or may not help the problem.

Cost reduction

The remote support function contributes to more accurate judgment of whether the solution requires more experienced on-site personnel, or if repairs can be made immediately, thus savings can be made on the expenses of sending personnel a second time.

Improvement of professional image

From our customer feedback, we have found that the J-Supporter inspires confidence on both the client and personnel side. Through facilitating better repair outcomes, it improves the professional impression clients have of the service provider. On the personnel side, the backing of experts via the remote function provides certainty to the on-site worker, of his ability to handle the problem. The outward display of this certainty providing a further affirmation of a strong professional image.