Top Smart Ranked among IIoT Top 50

Top Smart Technologies, the leading smart glasses provider of Jorjin Group Shanghai, announced that the company has been ranked as the top 50 of IIoT in China. The AR-enabled smart glasses by Top Smart have been recognized as the driving force for smart factory.

“Most of the AR smart glasses have been recognized in this contest. This means the market will lead to the next stage, where revenues and manufacturing processes will be critical”, said Tom Liang, Chairman of Jorjin Group. “Jorjin is already ahead of the game, and now that the opportunity has arrived, the key is to turn business opportunity into revenues. In other words, efforts in development will then be rewarded”.

As the global leader of AR smart glasses, Top Smart enable visualized reality and digital contents in the first-person angle, and this technology is expected to be widely deployed in manufacturing environment.

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