Jorjin Tech, Peer Giant System, Ming Chi University Launch Virtual Design Co-host Research Center

Jorjin Tech, Peer Giant System, Ming Chi University Launch Virtual Design Co-host Research Center

(Jorjin, Peer Giant , Ming Chi University, Formosa Plastics Corp. co-host Research Center)

The concept of Virtual Design has become one of the most instrumental visual design interface and element, and believed to create huge business opportunity in near future. In fact, recent technological trends, like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mix Reality, are all based on this concept. The potential is huge, as more and more VR/AR/MR software applications have been developed to improve serviceability, such as VR/AR enabled dressing room, interior design and games.

Ming Chi University of Technology has been renowned for the school’s Department of Communication Design, which assisted Formosa Petrochemical Corporation, the global leader in petroleum and chemical engineering, in the development of digitalized manpower education. This time, virtual design will be incorporated to revolutionize how the corporate passes on the know-how. Thus, the establishment of Virtual Design Co-host Research Center is meant to let the dream begin, the dream of “virtual design”.

Ming Chi University has teamed up with Jorjin Technology, Peer Group System, and Formosa Petrochemical Corporation to establish the virtual design research center, with the sole purpose to realize the dream of “virtual design”. Visual experiences will not only be available on computer screen, but also right in front of our eyes. The experiences will be even more realistic, and at the same time more inspirational for future technology, arts and education.

“We have dedicated ourselves in wireless connectivity for over 20 years. Our expertise in designing modules for wireless communication, optical imaging and sensors has been demonstrated in successful deployment cases all over the world. In fact, Jorjin has proven records in the microminiaturization of optical and power systems”, said Tom Liang, Chairman of Jorjin Technology. “In recent years, we have leveraged our OEM/ODM customization experiences in the making of smart glasses, and now we have developed our brand named model J-Reality, the only smart eyewear running on Android with MR capability in the world. In fact, J-Reality has been awarded in MWC.”

“Smart glasses are still in the early phase but I expect the explosive growth. Besides the hardware enhancements, the integration of the supply chain of such smart eyewear will soon be realized”, claimed Eric Chang, President of Peer Group System. “Smart glasses will have to be designed to meet the specific requirements in all the fields in order to replace smart phones and tablets as the next-generation mobile devices, which we can call it the fourth digital revolution. Since the founding of Peer Group System, we not only focus on the know-how and integrated solutions, but we also seek collaborations with Jorjin, Ming Chi University and Institute of Information Industry, as well as other major organizations to promote the supply chain of smart glasses in Taiwan”.

Today, Jorjin, Peer Group System, and Ming Chi University have formed partnerships by founding the Virtual Lab. The purpose is to encourage in-depth resource exchange between academic and industries, in order to accelerate smart eyewear solutions in manpower training for Industry 4.0 and petrochemical industries. The Virtual Lab aims to cultivate young future talents in the research and design of smart glasses, and it will be beneficial for all the parties in this collaboration, including the students of the college.