Jorjin Smart Meters – Building the Foundation of IoT and Smart City

Jorjin Smart Meters – Building the Foundation of IoT and Smart City


The successful deployment of IoT and smart city significantly lies in how the data is collected, transferred and analyzed for management and control purposes. To accelerate the process, Jorjin has developed IoT-oriented smart meter solutions integrating Sensor Hub to establish a multi-point control for multiple sensors. Data from the sensors can be efficiently gathered, processed and analyzed in a remote manner, offering visibility to the control center. The software interface enables the configuration to set maximum/minimum values and sets alerts through email or instant messaging in case of anomaly.



Jorjin offers total solution package for smart meters including

Digital meter+ Sensor hub(form innoknight, STM32+ Jorjin WS2118 )+Exosite cloud.  


The fully packaged smart meter solution by Jorjin can optimize the efficiency in processing zones, freezer storage, banquet halls, and building facility energy management, where power usage shall be monitored all the time. By integrating Sensor Hub, Jorjin smart meter solution is capable of monitoring the power status for the critical facilities and sensors, including general purpose sensors, industrial sensors, multi-functional electric energy meters, and programmable logic control (PLC). The data from the sensors can be gathered instantly and transmitted to the server or other computing gateways. The smart meter solution also provides user interface to configure the maximum/minimum values of the voltage and power usage, and set related alerts sent by email or instant messaging.