Jorjin @ Sigfox Connect in Berlin

Jorjin Showcasing Sigfox-based LPWAN Solutions at Sigfox Connect
Arena Berlin, Booth #33, 24-25 Oct 2018


Since industrial environment could be relatively more hazardous than an office, it is necessary to implement “connected” sensing devices to detect and analyze the machine status upon regular maintenance, inspection, and repairs, in order to prevent potential accidents in the workplace.
To make industrial environment a better and safer workplace, Jorjin introduces LPWAN multi-sensor solution integrating multi-functional sensor hub, capable of detecting pressure, temperature, humidity, vibration/shock, and 6-axis motion to prevent machine failure.
JORJIN Technologies Inc. is a leading IoT Solution Provider in IoT industry. Please come to our Booth #33, and talk with us. Our solution will make you impressively.  


Jorjin LPWAN Solution Is Designed to Meet The 3 Types of Applications
Industry smart sensing:
STEVAL-BFA001V1B  + Sensor hub +Exositecloud
Smart gas sensing:
Environment monitor:
X-nucleo-53L0A1 + WS2116 EVB
The data generated from the devices and machines can be wirelessly transmitted through multiple interfaces of the sensor hub, capable of collecting and managing data from general sensors, industrial-grade sensors, multi-functional position meters and programmable logic control (PLC). The data can be wirelessly transferred to the cloud or other computing gateways. The LPWAN solutions by Jorjin reduce the complexity in cabling and data collection to improve the safety of the workplace.

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