Jorjin Group Showcases Smart Glasses Solution to Broaden Industrial Vision at CIIF2018

    The 20th China International Industry Fair (CIIF) kicked off on September 19th at National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). Jorjin Group and its Shanghai subsidiary Top Smart co-exhibit their latest solutions with their strategic partners again at CIIF 2018.

   Jorjin Group and Top Smart attracted considerable attention from experts in various fields on the kick-off day of CIIF, and the exchange with customers and strategic partners was highly conductive.
   At CIIF 2018, Top Smart featured a wide selection of solutions. Besides the demonstrating how smart glasses can be applied in medical, logistic, patrolling and military applications, Top Smart also showcased a comprehensive package of integrated industrial solutions, including wearables, micro-architecture opto-mechanical modules, applicable software, cloud platform, vision algorithm and micro sensors. In addition, Top Smart also introduced both monocular and binocular smart glasses designed for industrial scenarios.

   Regarding industrial solution and services, Top Smart and CIFF event organizer co-released the virtual exhibition application for the first time in the 20th China International Industry Fair. The breakthrough at a global-level fair had initiated AR/MR as the direction for future technological innovations.

   On September 20th, Top Smart CEO Chuan-Qing, Lee was invited to deliver a presentation at National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) 2018, with the theme of “Broadened Vision”. On September 21st, Jorjin Group and its customers and partners co-organized a closed workshop, addressing AR-enabled smart glasses in Industry 4.0 and smart factory.

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