Jorjin showcases at IC60 Exhibition


The year of 2018 symbolizes the 60th anniversary since the invention of integrated circuit (IC).  MOST (Ministry of Science and Technology), ROC has initiated IC60 – I See the Future event with the campaign of Flashback for Future Inspiration, intended to inspire the public how IC invention has changed the technology world.

Taiwan has acted as the world capital for semiconductor design and manufacturing. In fact, Taiwan’s IC industry has gained significant global stance
through decades of developments. From September 8
th to 18th,  IC60 Exhibition will be showcased at Huashan 1914 Creative Park, including themes of “IC Design History”, “Experiencing IC Manufacturing Process”, and “Industry Partners”. The exhibition not only shows how semiconductor has changed the world we live, but also the history and development of Taiwan’s IC industry. Jorjin will feature J-Reality MR-based smart glasses during the exhibit.Welcome to join us to behold the brilliant 60-year history.

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