Jorjin and Augumenta and Form Strategic Partnership



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 Jorjin and Augumenta and Form Strategic Partnership; Jorjin AR Smartglasses Made Intuitive and User-Friendly with Augumenta Gesture Control


Barcelona, Spain – February 26, 2018 – At Mobile World Congress 2018, Jorjin Technologies and Augumenta, Ltd. announced a strategic partnership to integrate Augumenta gesture control solutions on smartglasses manufactured by Jorjin.

   Hand gesture control is a natural, easy-to-learn way to control camera-equipped smartglasses used for content viewing and augmented reality applications. By working closely together, the companies aim to make smartglasses more user-friendly and accelerate adoption in both consumer and industry segments. The partnership will cover all future Jorjin smartglasses equipped with RGB and/or 3D cameras.

    “We’re excited to work together with Jorjin to advance the state-of-the art in smartglasses running Android,” said Tero Aaltonen, co-founder and CEO of Augumenta. “Thanks to Jorjin’s extensive system-level knowhow, we were able to co-design an architecture that brings unparalleled performance without sacrificing battery life. The ultimate beneficiaries are end-users, who get a solution that’s intuitive to use in navigating and controlling both entertainment and productivity applications.”

    At MWC 2018 (Hall 5, booth 5A61), Jorjin is demonstrating a cost-efficient smartglass unit that’s connected to a mobile phone over a USB-C connection. These novel, light-weight smartglasses have the processing power of a modern smartphone at an attractive price point. To demonstrate the possibilities of the partnership, the companies worked together to create a video player application that’s fully gesture-controllable.

   “The device launched today at MWC is the first step in Jorjin becoming a product company in smartglass space“, said Tom Liang, Founder and Chairman of Jorjin. “The partnership with Augumenta ensures that our products will ship with the latest innovations in user experience.“

   Developers interested in creating gesture-controllable applications for Jorjin devices can sign up for the SDK at Augumenta website.

About Jorjin

Jorjin Technologies was founded in 1997 as a technology company designing and manufacturing processor, sensor, and wireless connectivity modules for customers worldwide.  Building upon several highly-acclaimed design wins by our module customers, Jorjin founded a team of talented developers in 2013 to research and provide Smart Glasses ODM services.  Through strong collaboration with global leading AR/MR technologies partners, Jorjin is tackling some of the most challenging design problems with its capability in advanced SiP design and system integration.  For more information, please visit:


About Augumenta

Augumenta supplies augmented reality applications and development tools to organizations that use smartglasses.  The company’s software enables new ways for smartglass users to monitor and control machine operations, interact with Internet of Things (IoT) devices and control practically any application running on monocular and binocular smartglasses. Headquartered in Oulu, Finland, with a support hub in Taipei, Taiwan, Augumenta licenses its products to global OEMs, enterprise customers, integrators and developers. More than 200 companies have engaged with Augumenta to improve their bottom lines. More information and registration for the company newsletter is here:


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